About the Photographer

The day my daughter Kayla was born, I picked up my camera. I haven't put it down since. I became her own personal "mamarazzi." Before long, I was photographing Kayla's friends, and her friends' friends. Soon moms I didn't even know were asking me to photograph their kids as well, and so Karen Ray Photography was born.

There is nothing more beautiful than a mom-to-be, except perhaps when that mom holds her newborn baby in her arms. Documenting a family as it begins... or as it grows is truly an honor for me.

I love photographing children because they have so many pure and honest moments. In capturing those moments, I try to reveal true personality. Sometimes the best images come from rebellion or shyness. And sometimes it's the quietest moments that speak the loudest.

Sharing these moments with my clients, and creating images that will be treasured for years to come, is why I love what I do. Specializing in natural light portrait photography, Mother and Child photography and family photography in the Los Angeles area where I live with my daughter Kayla (when she's home from college!), our dog, Jax, and our cat, Bridget Jones.

Karen Ray Photography
Los Angeles, California



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